This looks promising. I hope it stays free for personal use.


Perfect for the individual. I wouldnt go there as a corporate to be honest. I would prefer my own control.

One to watch i think.


Posted by: justynr | June 12, 2009

Sparus Software

Wow, 8 weeks since my last post. I have been slacking.

A new role sits me as Tech Sales Manager for Sparus software  (The guys that provide the free remote support tools, reviewed elsewhere on here). Actually the product offering is a lot broader than that and the remote control application is pretty much the tip of the iceberg. So from now on, I will be talking to partners and customers about taking a holistic view of mobile data deployment, and looking beyond Mobile Device Management.

Features like Optimised Mobile VPN,Application Tunnelling,Business Process scripting (Watch out Afaria!) sets this product out from the competition, and helps a customer generally have an easier life, by offering a joined up approach. I would say that, I’m biased of course, but as a long time fan of Mobile Device Management, from early days of RemoteWare to Connect:MANAGE to Afaria to mControl to Mozo and finally EveyWAN, can say firmly this represents a next generation platform for mobile data deployment.

Self Evaluations are possible – up and running in an hour, (See if you can do that with SCMDM :))

You can always drop me a mail –

or drop by the site –


Posted by: justynr | April 7, 2009 launches FREE Mobile application.

Some good news I believe. is launching a free, scaled-down version of its mobile offering today called Mobile Lite.

Full story here @Venturebeat

Not so good for organisations that make a living from mobile salesforce, but good for A) the user (No more +£50 per month for mobility) and B) Those of us that sell solutions around keeping users mobile.


Posted by: justynr | March 31, 2009

Avoiding “Death by Powerpoint”

Some great advice for presenters 🙂


Over the last few years a number of support tools to enable remote display, capture, task and registry editing have been made available. SOTI was probably the best known, though organisations like Sybase iAnywhere do bundle a remote control (additional license) within Afaria. These are particularly useful,in my experience, in three areas;

1) Remote Support for the Admin department.

2) The provisioning process, registry hacking etc…

3) Preparation of training material, video demo’s etc..


Enter EveryWAN Remote Support Personal Edition 3.0 from Sparus software, a stripped down version of their enterprise software.The only limitation in the personal edition is that only Activesync connectivity is supported – no Wireless – For that, you have to buy the enterprise version. Still this is great for display,registry hacking and training purposes.

Oh and a couple of neat features 🙂 A built in VOIP client for your remote talk through, draw on screen for demoing and macros. All in all, excellent – a real contender for SOTI – i probably think the app is faster also.

You can download the personal (free) version from

Remote control is never a panacea to a poorly device managed deployment, but it does allow extended quality of service to VIP users or indeed a last ditch attempt to fix before return to base.

Justyn Roberts

Posted by: justynr | March 18, 2009

Iphone 3.0 Highlights

Some iphone highlights for the imminent V3 from Bruce Elgort

Can’t see any real enterprise features still.. Device Security,Device Management? When will Apple realise they will win the tip of the pyramid (shared by BB) but will find hard to be adopted further down the food chain.Listen up Apple – you have to make the device easy to deploy,Secure and Maintain…



The future ? I dont know. Neat ? Certainly.

Posted by: justynr | February 20, 2009

ManageMyMobile in the News

This went live on


Posted by: justynr | February 20, 2009

How to be a “Demo God”

A Fantastic article on the subject of demoing.Still very relevant, and worth a read..


Posted by: justynr | January 28, 2009

Doom and Gloom for Mobility ?

Well we arent seeing things changing yet, most companies over here are looking towards mobility to save costs.However, I saw this posted and thought I would pass it on.

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